Hate gyms?.... You will LOVE Body evo! Give it ago!
        Hate gyms?.... You will LOVE Body evo!                                  Give it ago!     

Our 30 minute Hydraulic circuit









Body evo's 30 minute Circuit is unique workout .

There are 6 exercise stations on the Circuit. 

In just 30 minutes each body part is tightened and toned.


Our hydraulic machines remove stress on the joints which is normally associated with conventional equipment making it suitable for all ladies, even someone with osteo arthritis.

Your Benefits!!!

Fitness and more energy

Weight loss

Figure improvement and inch loss

Strength and mobility


long term health benefits

relieve stress

Become social and meet new friends.

Brand New Weight equipment.

Change up your routine.

Our experienced fitness instructors will give you a helping hand on our new weight equipment. This will give you faster results, leaving you toned and strong. 


Our cardio room if filled up by your high tech cardio equipment, including running machine. cross trainer, static bike, spin bike and rowing machine.


We also have a Vibration plate, FREE of charge for all our members.


We can advise you how to use each piece of equipment in the safest and the most effective way.

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