Hate gyms?.... You will LOVE Body evo! Give it ago!
        Hate gyms?.... You will LOVE Body evo!                                  Give it ago!     

Studio classes


We have a number of different classes going on in our studio throughout the day.

All our classes are suitable for all age ranges and all fitness levels.


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Non members are welcome.


To see a timetable please contact us on our email address body.evo@hotmail.com


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A safe and effective mini trampoline class. For ages 7 to 95 year olds! Low Impact, high intensity. A class which will have you bouncing around and having a blast!. Our most popular class to date!

Boogie Bounce Tone 

A 45 minute session, with 30 minutes of cardio and 15minutes of toning. 

Boogie Bounce Revolution 

A 30 minute circuit class with our branded trampolines. You will complete 45seconds on the trampoline and 45 seconds on a mat. 

Boogie Bounce strength. 

Our newest class with involves NO bouncing, just resistance bands. We work on your strength as we complete different exercises to work the full body. 


321 Fat Blaster

HITT training, your high interval training class. This consists of 3 minute strength exercise, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute of abs. This is help burn 2x belly fat and continue your metabolism 48 hour after you've finished the class.



Evo Circuits 

A 30 minute full body workout. Maximum effort in a short amount of time. Will help you get fitness and strength, A great all rounder which is suitable for all fitness levels.



A fusion of Boxing, Pilates and Dance. Working out in the fat burning stage and helping improve that upper body strength, core muscles and stamina. Lets burn up to a 1000 calories in 45 minutes!





A class for everyone! This class is a mix of pilates, yoga and flexibility. 



Pole Tricks

Pole fitness for all levels.. lets build up the body strength and feel sleek and sexy.

1 hour lesson with a fully qualified instructor.




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